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The lonely swan underneath the bridge...

If you've ever driven on the QEW in Hamilton near the Skyway Bridge, you've probably noticed a large pond just before the Red Hill exit.  If you look closely, you'll also notice a beautiful white swan swimming in that pond.  I've driven by this pond hundreds of times and have always noticed this swan and it has always been alone.

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Isla's second birthday party!

I can’t believe this little angel is two years old!  It seems like just yesterday that I was setting up for her first birthday party and cake smash.  Looking back on it a year ago it was the very beginning of OneTwo Photography, she was the inspiration to transform a hobby into a successful business.   Thank you Isla for being such a cutie and a pleasure to photograph, when you want to of course! 

Isla had quite the party this last weekend.  She was definitely spoiled with a homemade doughnut cake, plenty of little friends.  Like most toddlers she had so much fun opening presents, I don’t know what two year old says “Oh My Goodness” while opening presents ! Everything from a new playset , a new car from grandma, to cute little outfits and fashion accessories for a chic two year old.  Obviously her friend Colin wasn’t as impressed with the hair clips. lol

At the end of the day, we had a tired little two year old going to mom for hugs.

Happy Birthday Isla.

What to expect when you're expecting...

he first few days of a baby’s life are so magical and incredible.  There is nothing in the world as precious and sweet as a brand new baby and I aim to capture exactly that on film or I guess a digital film these days.

Dreaming of Baseball

It is important to schedule your newborn session when you are still pregnant to ensure that there is availability.  We usually schedule the shoot when your baby is 6-10 days old.  This is because newborns are very sleepy at this stage and it is easier to manipulate them and pose them into the shots you’re looking for.

Newborn sessions can be done at my home studio or in your home.   Whatever you are most comfortable with is probably the best.  Most likely that will be your home as it’s lot of work to get the baby out of the house in that first week and I’m sure you’re very tired and don’t want to travel.  The choice is yours.  If the session takes place in your home, I ask that a room with lots of available natural light is chosen and tidied up before the shoot.

Our newborn sessions usually last anywhere from 1-2 hours but, with that said, I never limit my time and will shoot until I get the shots that I need!  Babies are on their own schedule and during your session we will be following it :-) 

Below is some information for what to expect during your newborn session to help you prepare for your photo shoot!

  • Plan to feed your little one just before your session. A well fed baby is a happy, calm baby.
  • Please don’t feel stressed if we need to stop to allow your baby time for a feed, change or just be soothed by Mom or Dad. Babies have their own schedule and I make sure to account for that.
  • Please don’t panic if the baby goes to the bathroom on me or on any of the equipment :-)  This is expected in EVERY newborn shoot.
  • We clean all of our items and wash all backgrounds and blankets after each session.
  • Please have plenty of diapers and wipes to use during the session as well as a change of clothes for mom and dad in case the baby does have an accident on you.
  • Please have a black/white t-shirt for yourself and your spouse/partner. This is an important element needed in the process of capturing many popular poses with the parents.
  • We love for you to have any important or sentimental items with you to incorporate into the session.  I love handmade quilts, blankets, hats, bonnets or anything that has special meaning… It really adds some personalization to the session.
  • Clothing for babies should be kept very minimal and simple…less is better in almost every case.   Most of the portraits will be done naked or swaddled.  That being said, before the session have diapers and/or clothes on loosely to avoid any red indentations on the skin.
  • I will have on hand a space heater and something to play soothing music, the white noise like ocean waves are particularly conducive to helping your baby sleep right through the session.

I hope this guide helps and I’m always a phone call or email away if you have any questions before your session.

 Henderson newborn

Hamilton Book Project

After living in the Hamilton area for a few years and exploring the area with my camera, I began to realize something; Hamilton was getting a bad rap.  Everyone thinks of Hamilton as a dirty and polluted industrial city with redeeming qualities.  Well they are wrong.  Hamilton is a beautiful place.  It has tons of character and charm.  It's many diverse neighbourhoods have so much to offer.  Whether it be the old charm of Westdale, the architectural beauty of downtown, the amazing waterfronts on Lake Ontario and the inner harbour or the countless areas to explore nature's beauty with too many to name.  Few people know Hamilton is known as the waterfall capital with over one hundred listed waterfalls.  

So with all this beauty to be found I decided to make it a project of mine to find and highlight this city.  At the start of 2015, I began a Kickstarter crowdfunding project in hopes of funding a printed book.  Unfortunately my goal was not reached.  This little setback will not stop me however.  I'm still out there with my camera and sometimes dog in tow.  The deep freeze of February kept me at bay on some days but I decided to brave the weather visited Bayfront Park and the port area.  I came across the HMCS Haida, a historic Canadian battleship.  It floated majestically in the frozen water, a few hundred ducks taking refuge around it's limited open water.  I continued along the port braving the strong wind coming off the lake.  Everything was frozen, ice was everywhere.  I later came across an older gentleman enjoying an afternoon skate on a freshly cleaned sheet of ice.  After that the wind was too much for me and I headed home.

I like to call this a project but it really isn't.  It's just me going out there taking pictures and finding creative ways to highlight what I find.  It's just me doing what I love.  As I progress on this journey of discovery, I'll be sure to give everyone updates and share the images I collect.  Please stay tuned.



First Ever Blog!!

Well this is my very first blog and if you're reading this you're here starting this adventure with me.  Taking photographs comes very naturally to me, however blogging is something new so be patient and gentle with me.  First off, thanks for visiting OneTwo Photography, I hope you are enjoying the new site and taking a look around.   On this site, you'll find a mix of my portfolio, from newborns to engagements to some freelance work with beautiful landscapes.  In the next little while, I'll be posting tons more photos and keeping you up to date on my Hamilton Book Project, more to come on that later...  Can't give everything away on the first blog.  So enjoy the site and hopefully you keep coming back!